This page contains our Common Dolphin escapades from 2019.


We often work with other charities and organisations when needed. 


Common Dolphin


Last year as a volunteer for The British Divers Marine Life Medics, we had a call about a stranded dolphin off Shoreham Beach. At this point we weren't sure if it was alive or dead.


When we attended it was still alive and being looked after by a surfboarder and the Coastwatch team for Shoreham.


A vet was called and attended shortly after, after a check over, the call was made that it was well enough to be released back int the water.


The Beach that it had stranded on was quite windy and the water was choppy, if we were to make this a viable attampt we would have to move the dolphin to a quieter spot. 


With help from the Beach patrol and an ingenious sleigh, usually a board for moving hot tubs, the dolphin was taken to the rivermouth of the Adur, where the tide was less intense than the beating waves on the main beach. 


The whole rescue involved, local Medics from BDMLR, Vets and Nurses, Surfers, Coastwatch and Beach Patrol, all jumping into action, the Dolphin was released into the water and after about half an hour of keeping it.


The dolphin was placed upright and held in position, this was to aid the dolphins recovery and allow it to right itself and make sure its lungs were not congested and were working before it was fully released.


A team effort from everyone made this attempt possible, after about 20 minutes the blankets holding the dolphin were dropped and it swam away where it got its bearings and swam up and down the river for the day. 


The BDMLR hold courses several times a year, all over the country, where you can learn to become a medic and you too can be on call for this fabulous charity. The course is about £100 but this includes your training, first years membership and insurance. Gayle and I did this course many moons ago, but refreshed our skills last year at Bewl Water.