Sompting Wildife Rescue is proud to be here to serve the UK wildife.


2020 was a difficult year for most, more so due to the pandemic, which we currently are still going through. We are a small, family run rescue and rehab centre. September saw us become a registered charity (Charity Number 1191687) This should open us up to extra funding options, such as paypal donate buttons, tax back on monetary donations etc. We discovered early on that while we have registrered with the charity commision, we stil need a community bank account to access most of the available sources available to other charities. These accounts are proving difficult to arrange, especially as they need to be face to face! 


Due to a phenomenal increase in animals and treatments required over the last year, we need your help. We receive no government support or funding from anyone else and we are often overlooked for grants by bigger charities as they have the means to place funding requests and are more well known than us. 


Up until last year we (Pete & Gayle) funded the rescue through our own wages from our primary jobs as Veterinary Nurses. 2020 brought furlough and even more animals and we asked for your help to stay open. Its been a tight year, and we've managed, but we still need your help. As our presence grows, we are finding we are being contacted more for help with wildlife.


Thank you to everyone who has donated to us and also to our regular supporters. Without you we wouldn't be here. This year we have seen signifcant increased costs in foodstuff and bedding along with equipment we have had to purchase too. 


You can donate to us through Peoples Fundraising. 


This allows us to accept different types of donations, from one off donations, paypal to monthly direct debits. Every donation helps us look after local wildlife and continue our service.


Dont Send Me a Card


Trying to help save the environment, look no further, how about an e-card to your friends and family, whilst donating the cost of a card and stamp to us??


Paypal - We can now accept paypal donations too. 



                         PayPal QR link  

Amazon Wish List 


We have started our wishlist, from equipment to food items. (This list has been playing us up, so please get in touch if it doesn't work. Thank you.)

There are items that we require on a regular basis, to continue caring for our injured and abandoned wildlife.


These include:

            Cat food, pouches, tinned and dried

            Dog food, pouches, tinned and dried


            Shredded paper

            Paper towel rolls          

            Pigeon food

            Needles and Syringes

            Chicken pellets

            Vegetables for feeding our repltiles and chelonians

            Fish (Sprats or whiting) for our gulls, but we have limited storage for them.            


These are all in addition to our other costs, which ll seem to be increasing up at the minute due to the coronavirus and availability of stock or Brexit. We also have a list of equpiment we would like to buy. This includes a large incubator to house injured wildlife. 


We have other items to purchase too. please use the link below if you have something you think may be of interest to us. We can send you the list of items if you'd prefer.


Every penny we receive goes straight back to the wildlife we care for. If everyone of our supporters set up a standing order for £1 a month, this would keep us going and enable us to continue treating our local wildlife. 


If you can help us with fundraising, donating items above or want to make a donation, please get in touch. (we can also accept bank transfer, please contact us for details) 



Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this and donating to our cause.