When "WE" (Sompting Wildlife Rescue) talk about longer term rescue and rehab, its usually for extreme cases that require extra work and attention, along with the time and expertise to manage them. This is our "Normal caseload" and what we specialise in. At any one point we can have up to 6 of these extensive cases in our rescue. 


This one is no different. "Legs" as we have nick named him was brought into the vets after falling from the nest and then being grabbed by a labrador and chewed. There was a severe, deep penetrating wound to the abdomen and he was unable to use to leg where the wound was. 


We were asked if this was something we would look after and rehab back to health, most other vets would have probably put him to sleep, but these little guys arer amazing and with the correct plan in place, should make a good recovery. 


A full veterinary exam was performed and xrays taken as a precaution, these xrays also showed a small proximal shaft fracture on the wing. This should not cause us any issues with the treatment and with physio, should be able to fly again. 


The images below start off quite graphic, but its worth looking at them and seeing the transformation at the end.  



Day 1 - Initial exam and findings


Wound plucked, flushed and cleaned, antibiotics given along with pain relief. This will be continued during his recouperation. 

Day 2 - 10  


Daily flushes of the wound and then instilled with Manuka honey and a Hydrogel mix, dressed for the first week, whilst continuing antibiotics and pain relief. Crop feeding was neccessary at this point as he was unable to feed himself. The leg wasa cause for concern as although he could feel it, he wasn't moving the foot at all. This could be down to the traumatised muscles around the wound.  

Day 11 -20


With no dressing hindering the leg or the wound, it has begun to heal, he has also started eating seed on his own and a few days later was moved from his basket in to the kennels. He can see and hear the other pigeons we have in. This mental stimulation is needed to keep their minds pigeon and not imprint to us. The leg is also now functioning and although movement is still reduced it is much better than before and alll in all making remarkable progress. 

Day 21 - 33


There has been a big scab in the inguinal area, too difficult to remove, but no discharge and he is now standing on the leg, fast forward a few days and the scab has dropped off, feathers are starting to come back through and he is now using the leg, gripping and pushing away. 


At this point he is put in to the aviary with the other pigeons, to learn to be a pigeon! lots of flapping ensued and it took a whole 24 hours for him to be strong enough to fly. As you can see in the last picture, all is well and Legs is fixed. He will spend a few more months maturing and gaining experience before being released back into the wild.