Animal Rescues during Corona Virus.


During the last few months we have had a significant increase in animal collections and drop offs, mainly birds. These range from Nestlings (birds that have fallen from a nest and are not feathered and will die without help), to fledglings, (birds that are feathered, but unable to fly yet) which may be injured and/or just left the nest and need a few more days to a few weeks. Alot of the cases we've had, have had significant injuries from falls or cats, requiring veterinary treatment and on-going care. Some of our wildlife may be with us a few months until it is able to be released.


We have even had wildlife brought to us that we are unable to deal with currently due to space restrictions that we have. All of our wildlife casualties have been local, so keeping journey's essential is a must. 


There has also been a significant increase in cat and dog abandonments, either to rescues or just dumped! While we primarily deal with small wildlife species, our fulltime jobs are as  Veterinary Nurses, so we have access to other parties that may be able to help.


If you are struggling or have any questions please get in touch. 


When we get a call or a message about a rescue we will try and get exact details from you. We need to try and be as specific as we can to get to the animal as soon as possible and not waste time looking around and putting people at risk.


We are trialling What3words to get accurate points. This app allows us to get to within a metre of the animals last location. 

Due to the corona virus we are limited on the help that we can get to a rescue. We will bring our own carriers and essentials that are needed.


As we are a family run rescue we may use the hired help (our daughters) who also live with us. Whilst still minors, they have good experience and will be able to help us under most situations. You will see them pop up on the updates and release we do. 


We may ask you to stand clear whilst we are busy, this is not just for Covid, as we sometimes need to get quite close to each other, but also from a health and safety point of view, we dont want any harm to come to you or the animal. 


IF we need help and you want to help, we may ask you, whilst trying to retain social distancing under the current climate.

We will always try and do the best thing for the wildlife that we rescue, we can't always bring every item to help, so if we know what the problem is or how an animal is trapped this would be a benefit.


If the animal is already rescued and in a box or carrier, we may transfer it to our own so as not to bring anything to the premises afterwards. 


We have in place a new set of quarantine kennels set up where each animal is assessed and treated. 


Afterwards we will disinfect all of our equipment and get it ready for the next rescue.